About Us

Serving our communities for more than 15 years, Bramalea Optometry in Brampton continues to serve communities by providing the highest quality eye care. Located conveniently at the Southeast corner of Clark Blvd. and West Dr., nearby Bramalea City Center in Brampton, Ontario, our practicing group of Optometrists serves numerous residents from all areas of Brampton and Mississauga.
Currently, we are located at,

155 Clark Blvd, Units # 7 & 8
Brampton, ON, L6T- 4G6, Canada

Optometrists Drs. J & K Gill and Associates are fully trained and experienced to provide you exceptional services and recommendations.
From building your true ocular history to providing you accurate prescriptions and eye wear options, Drs J & K Gill and Associates, at Bramalea Optometry will always be your #1 option for all your eye care needs – Eye Care Brampton.