Due to COVID-19 we are closed for regular office hours.

We are open Mon-Thu from 11-2pm for urgent care and eye emergencies only. Appointments requests should be done via phone or email at

We are still able to order contact lenses and have them directly shipped to your home or business at no charge. If you are waiting on your eyeglasses, we can also ship those to you as well. Any frame adjustments can be performed once we fully open for business.

We thank you for your continued support during this difficult time. We encourage all our patients to practice social distancing, remain at home and stay safe.

Drs J & K Gill & Associates


Please find below the answers to common questions that you may have:

When should I get my child’s eyes checked?

The time to do it is as early as six months old because studies say that as many as 10% of pre-school aged and younger children will suffer from visual irregularities that require intervention in order to be corrected. Since the experience of vision is still a relatively new concept to children of that age, they may be unable to properly communicate any symptoms making regular visits for eye examinations are key. Remember, the earlier you can ensure your child\’s ocular health, the better.

What to do if my eyes are itchy?

Go and see an optometrist. Do not start taking drops until you consult an optometrist.

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