Childrens Eye Exam Brampton

Did you know…?

  • The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommend annual exams for children starting at the age of 6months
  • Reports have concluded that up to 25% of students, grades K-6, face vision-related problem resulting in poor school performance
  • Visual Systems of the eye grow rapidly during younger stages of life which is why it is important to maintain regular eye care visits for your children

Children’s Eye Doctors Available in Brampton

  • Children’s eye examinations are essential for children of all ages for lasting ocular health and overall healthy vision
  • Vision screenings at schools are not always accurate and we have noticed there are many children who pass the school vision screenings and have vision problems, and many children who fail the vision screenings and have no visual problem at all
  • OHIP covers children’s eye examinations every year for children up to the age of 20

Quality Brampton Eye Care for your Children
What do we have to offer?

  • Regular Eye Care Examinations & Treatment Procedures
  • Early Diagnosis of eye conditions or any vision-related problems
  • Extensive collection of children’s eye wear for all ages
  • Specialized Examination Procedures for Young Children who can’t read yet
  • Objective tests such as Ophthalmoscopy & Retinoscopy are used

We have very friendly and approachable staff here at our Children’s Eye Exam Center in Brampton that are trained to appropriately communicate with your child so that all their eye care needs are met.