Due to Covid-19 and the state of emergency in Ontario, the Ministry of Health and the College of Optometrists of Ontario have mandated our office to close until further notice. This will help limit the spread of covid-19 in the community.

If you have an ocular emergency, please email our office at We will be checking our emails regularly and it is the preferred method of contact.

We are still able to order contact lenses and have them directly shipped to your home or business. Also, if you have already ordered glasses and are waiting to receive them, we can directly ship them to your home or business. Please contact our office at to make further arrangements. Any frame adjustments can be performed when we reopen for business.

We thank you for your continued support in this difficult time. We urge all our patients to practice social distancing, remain at home and stay safe.

Drs J & K Gill & Associates

Eye Doctor Brampton

Here is the list of doctors that are available to serve you:

Your Eye Doctors – Drs J & K Gill and Associates

Our outstanding team of doctors and assistants are the foundation of the exceptional service that Eye Doctors Brampton at Bramalea Optometry provides to their customers.

Our Team – Eye Doctor Brampton

Introducing our team’s leading Optometrists in Brampton,

Dr. Jag Gill

  • Graduate from University of Bradford in England
  • Preregistration & hospital training in Bradford
  • Certified & member of British College of Optometrists in 1993
  • Completion in American National Board of Examiners in Optometry and Canadian Standards Assessments in Optometry
  • Certified to practice in the United States, Canada & the United Kingdom

Dr. Kuv Gill

  • Graduate from the New England College of Optometry in 1999.
  • Trained at the VA Bedford Hospital in Massachusetts near Boston
  • Completion in American National Board of Examiners in Optometry and Canadian Standards Assessments in Optometry
  • Participated in a memorable volunteer mission to Mexico where 2500 eye exams were provided &over 2000 eyeglasses were donated to villagers and treated many eye conditions to help the local population
  • Canadian National Boards Examiner

Joining our growing team of Eye Doctors Brampton, we also have optometrists,

  • Dr. Julia Baltais
  • Dr. Colin Braganza
  • Dr. PritShoan

With the great support and efforts of our growing and experienced team, we are confident in serving our communities in eye health and well being.